A testimony from a young man trained through the Intense Discipleship Ministry of WOL

Hello, I’m Leonell.  I was a part of the original six disciples of the Word of Life Intense Discipleship Program. I learned new things in life and ministry. First, The Word of Life Quiet Time diary. This became a part of my life.  I began to love and meditate on God’s Word daily.  Second, was sharing my salvation testimony at church, on the s treets and at camp.  Third, evangelism, doing drama presentations and sharing the gospel to people on the street. This was an exciting experience to see God at work!  Lastly, through this program, my personal walk with the Lord was strengthened and I have learned many ways to share my faith with others which helped developed my character.

Right now, I’m working at a campus ministry in San Pablo City reaching students of different schools in the city. What I have learned from Intense Discipleship is exactly the strategies I’ve begun doing in campus ministry.

Here’s some of the programs:

  • Campus SHOP (Student Hour Of Prayer) – We teach students how to pray.

  • Campus SHOW (Student Hour Of Worship) – A regular worship and fellowship of the students with a mini-worship service.

  • CamPUSH – We go out and share the gospel on different campuses using Open Air Evangelism techniques.  I want the students to be confident in sharing Christ with others.

I am thankful to have been a part of the WOL Intense Discipleship Program.  It really revolutionized my Christian life and I found God’s will for me.